Worrying About Students

80% of managing a student’s educational progression is handled by their parents, specifically mom! It is reported that 43% of moms bring their stress to work, feel it in the car and in the house.  The vast majority even hear themselves asking questions…..the trouble is, who is listening. Mon’s turn to your resources and get help with these worries!!


  • Where should my student go to high school; traditional college prep or vocational-tech.
  • I’m concerned about saving for college and how I will ever pay the bill.
  • Wish my kid would turn his/her interest in gaming into an interest in technology.

9th and 10th GRADES

  • Concerned about the academic potential of one’s student.
  • Worry about the financial strength of the family; no money!
  • I have some investments, what’s the best strategy to get financial aid?
  • Stressed thinking about on how the process works; searching, selecting and paying.
  • Haven’t started the “what’s next after high school” conversation going with child.

11th & 12th GRADE

  • Listening to the myths and mysteries about college cost and financial aid eligibility.
  • Not sure how to advise their student on options, like majors, campuses and other factors
  • Part of the “Hope and Dream” Mindset; Scholarship and Financial Aid will cure everything.
  • Frustrated with resources, unaware & unfamiliar with how to get help.
  • We make too much money (not enough); we’ll never qualify for help.
  • Placed on the deferred and/or waiting list at all the top and favorite school(s).
  • Paralyzed because the experience has not started.

13th YEAR

  • Current college student hates school, might be flunking out, wants to transfer.
  • Late bloomer – took a gap year; how to get “restarted”
  • Made the first payment, struggling to pay next year.


  • I have to pay these loans back? How will I manage that?
  • Heard companies are helping their employees. How do I ask? What are they doing?
  • Wish I could refinance my education debt.