Time to Reconnect

Time for family gatherings, a delicious spread, conversation, and giving thanks for all of our blessings. While we are celebrating, it can also be stressful for high school students immersed in planning their journey after high school and college students who have experienced their first semester. Parents need to have their best listening skills turned on to monitor their student’s behavior and when appropriate ask questions gently to determine if everything is going well. Academics, health, and emotions. Whether they’re living at home or returning, prepare a little and have happy turkey daybreak. www.grownandflown.com

 Unfreeze my Loan Payment

We are inching closer to the January 2022 deadline for borrowers of Federal Education Loans to return to repayment. In March of 2020, the Administration suspended payments for all federal loans and temporarily reduced interest rates to zero. The freeze will end on January 31, 2022. So it is time to pull out the budget, update the numbers and prepare to restart your loan payment. Need help? Contact your current loan servicer to learn ore your options or StudentAid.gov.

 Gateway to Tuition Assistance

Last year approximately thirty-five (35%) of eligible families did not complete and file the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Some may have voluntarily decided to go off to work or the service after high school. If a family selected not to continue their education journey due to cost, completing and filing the FAFSA just might have been the answer. The FAFSA is used to help determine a wide range of financial aid and tuition assistance from sources including schools, private scholarship providers, and others. Completing it can answer the question, is a post-secondary education affordable to me. Don’t leave money on the table. www.fafsa.gov.ed


 Senior Year 

  • Attend an Open House – on-campus all hands-on deck events showcasing the college, conversations with faculty, coaches, and your admissions admission events. Check the school websites, register and attend. Remember – visiting, evaluating, and comparing does not end until it’s time to say yes to the college choice.
  • Common Application and Essay – many peers and friends may have hit the early application deadlines, but for 50% or more students, the regular admission deadline in January is right for them. Gather up your documentation, essay and submit your applications.
  •  Are You Still Thinking? – Pathways to education after high school are not always the traditional way, and families should consider the path best suited for the student based on interest, goals, and financial resources.
  • Engage Your Admission Representative – two students of equal character and academic profile. One has developed a relationship, shared thoughts on attending, and their talents and treasures…. who might get selected?  – Don’t be an unknown applicant!

Junior Year

  • Curating a College List – the evaluation of college possibilities should be well underway. Matching goals and expectations with a broad range of choices is the key. Don’t fall prey to the selective school vortex!
  •  Visiting Campuses – take advantage of campus access by scheduling a tour or attending an information session to learn about admissions requirements and other campus offerings.
  •  Run The Numbers – understanding the rules of the road can reduce anxiety and stress. Learn how financial aid is calculated, awarded, and is part of the bigger picture, tuition assistance. Calculate your expected family contribution (EFC), and build it into your college shopping process.
  •  What’s the Plan? –  understanding the goals post-high school and outlining the process in a comprehensive plan is essential. Deadlines, tasks, and responsibilities for all to know to make for a happy household!!

 Freshman and Sophomore Years

Perfect time to be preparing for the pivotal year, the junior year, when academic and personal readiness turns to thoughts about post-high school goals as well as a family’s ability to pay for college. Lots to learn, research and questions. Information is power.

 Transfer & Re-Enter – skies the limit and schools, have you on their radar. Scholarships are now available for transfers, and companies have ways to support their workforce financially. Time is now.

 Refi to Manage Debt

Exiting college with educational debt student loans is all the rage. Washington is talking about it and so too are almost every digital and print media outlet. College debt is the result of many things, too many to list here. If you’re carrying excessive debt, high-interest rates, and need assistance, especially with private, education refinancing can help. Turn to a refinancing lender or independent organizations like AAA Northeast to learn how refinancing can help.

 Calming the Waters

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