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Planning for college starts with creating a saving strategy in a student/family’s early days. Working with a financial planner, families learn how to save for retirement and significant life investments like college. Then the focus turns to develop a student’s academics and personal talent. As a student approaches the end of middle school, families consider the best high school environment. When a student enters high school, the planning begins with all eyes on finding one’s educational path after high school.

The process of college planning does not have to be overwhelming and stressful. The thought of getting ready can be, especially for first-time parents. Understanding the rules, knowing and managing the process, and knowing the questions to ask are key,

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re a parent of a middle, high school, or college-age student, we understand how to bring clarity, calm, and peace of mind to help families reach their goals. 

We Focus On:

  • Defining a student’s goals and expectations, plus their readiness to go 
  • Identifying the resources needed to pay for college
  • Creating a broad & personalized search based on preferences and looking at the unknown
  • Ensuring that colleges hear a student say, I’m interested in your school
  • Uncovering talent; academic, athletic, and performing, and when and how to showcase 
  • Explaining pay for college 101 and how the system works to receive tuition assistance
  • Creating strategies to complete and submit applications; admissions, and financial aid
  • Monitoring deadlines, re-enforcing the completion of tasks and responsibilities
  • Providing the occasional positive nudge and keeping everyone accountable
  • Assisting in finding the right match academically, emotionally, personally, and financially
  • All the time being aware of stress and anxiety – calming waters and with peace of mind!

 Download your Comprehensive College Plan. 

Planning Begins with a Conversation 

Introductions and answers to questions – please interview me to see if I’m the right partner/advisor for your student and family.  We’ll discuss goals, expectations, where planning is now, and what’s left on the journey. I’ll explain my holistic approach and fee. We’ll review academic and personal readiness questions and the family financing strategy.

We’ll schedule a kick-off meeting and start the journey if we agree. We meet monthly based on a defined time frame and pace to tackle the over 150 tasks and activities.  

Our Four Pillars: Find the right education pathway, for the right reason, at the right school, at an affordable cost.

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Many high school students, parents, and young adults ponder the question. What direction should I take? Should I follow the herd or go in a different direction? Thankfully, there are different choices for each student.  Finding the path and direction to mind is the key!! 

  1. Traditional Four-Year Public or Private College or University
  2. Associates to Bachelor’s Degree (2+2 Program)
  3. Work and learn at a Community College 
  4. Technical, Trade and, Apprenticeships 
  5. Prep School Before College
  6. Gap Year, Volunteer or Internships
  7. Military Service
  8. Transfer and Return to Complete


NO contracts, NO hidden fees; Our fee is monthly from when we start to enrollment. We aim to give students and parents access to information, advice, and guidance to stay on pace, meet deadlines, get work done, and eliminate anxiety and stress. 


We Work Where You Live and Work!!

We work virtually. We have families from Boston to California, North/South/West of Boston,  Southern NH, York County, Maine, Washington, DC, and Charlotte, NC. Students attend public, private, charter, vocational-technical, and homeschool. 

We are available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends when needed. When a question, inquiry, or what-if arises, we answer phone calls, text messages, and emails. 

Download your Comprehensive College Plan!

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