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The thought of going to college starts as parents focus on saving and developing a student’s academics, and personal talent. When a student enters high school, the actual planning begins. All eyes are on finding one’s educational path after high school.

The process of college planning does not have to be overwhelming and stressful. The thought of getting ready can be, especially for first-time parents. Understanding the rules, knowing and managing the process through a comprehensive plan is key,

That’s where we come in. Whether you are the family of a high school junior, a scrambling senior, transferring, or re-entering, we can help. 

We Focus On:

  • Defining a student’s goals and expectations 
  • A family’s ability to pay for college
  • Creating a broad search, testing the waters, and investigating behind the walls
  • Ensuring that colleges hear a student say, I’m interested in your school
  • Uncovering talent, academic, athletic, performing and when and how to showcase 
  • Explaining pay for college 101, and how the system works to receive tuition assistance
  • Creating strategies to complete and submit applications, admissions, and financial aid
  • Monitoring deadlines, re-enforcing the completion of tasks, and responsibilities
  • Provide the occasional positive nudge
  • Assisting to find the right match, academically, emotionally, personally, and financially
  • All by navigating calm waters and with peace of mind!

 Download your Comprehensive College Plan. 


Many high school students, parents, and young adults find themselves pondering the question. What direction should I take? Follow everyone or go in a different direction? Thankfully, there are different choices for an individual to consider. Finding the path, and direction to follow is the key!! 

  • Traditional Four-Year Public or Private College or University
  • Associates to Bachelor’s Degree (2+2 Program)
  • Community College Program
  • Earn and Learn
  • Technical and Trade Professionals
  • Prep School Before College
  • Gap Year
  • Military Service
  • Volunteer Program
  • Internship
  • Transfer and Return to Complete

Planning Begins with a Conversation 

Step One: We’ll meet to talk about goals, expectations, where planning is now, and what’s left on the journey. We’ll run some assessments and if we can help, we’ll create a plan and get started.

Step Two: Get started implementing and managing the plan at the pace that meets student and family activities and needs. 

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NO contracts, NO hidden fees; Our fee is monthly – from the time we start to enrollment.  Our goal is to provide students and parents with access to stay on pace, meet deadlines, get work done, and eliminate anxiety. 

We Work Where You Live and Work and Need Assistance!!

In-Person, virtual, or at the workplace, were close by North of Boston, but able to reach across the country. Our students and parents live as close as Boston, No Andover, Ipswich,  Wilmington, Reading, Lowell, Franklin, Southern NH, York County, Maine, and virtually in Washington, DC, Charlotte, NC, and beyond. 

We are available when you need us, on weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

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