Become Your Own Investigator

Paying for college is an enormous financial investment. Determining how to pay and the resources available is key. Scholarships can be one of those keys. Consider taking time to unlock some possibilities!!

Searching for and completing applications takes time, and yes, not everyone is fortunate to receive an award or the amount. Don’t try and one will never know. The myths about scholarships are that they go to the brightest or who you know. Not always true. Sure students who perform well in the classroom, playing on the field, or in the theater might be some of the common recipients. However, at Get College Going we have found that many other well-deserving and hardworking students benefit from scholarships. But they do not just drop out of the sky! Learning where to do your research and what to look for is key. Scholarships are generally provided by:Scholarship application

  • College and Universities – institutions award the highest number and greatest dollar amount. Nearly 75% of all scholarships come from colleges and universities. They based on a student’s academics performance, swagger, and talent (athletic, performing, and visual arts). Some might be awarded based on a major/program, alumni affiliation, named after former administration and faculty, or even competition basedOthers come from:
  • Civic and Charitable Organizations – awarded based on merit and/or financial need. They are generally awarded at high school graduations. Some are funneled through guidance, promoted in local advertisements,s and at activities. 
  • State Education Agencies – Board of Higher Education – awarded based on merit and/or financial need. Statewide testing and information shared when completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are how these are awards are determined.
  • Private Organizations, Philanthropic Benefactors, Employers, Corporations, and Trade Associations – each provider in this category manage their programs, eligibility criteria, the application process, and awarding guidelines specific to their mission, charter, and request of the donor.

Finding scholarships that one can qualify and apply for is a process that requires time and follows up.  There is no national databases or single list that one can access to find scholarship programs. Utilizing the Scholarship Guide created by Get College Going one can learn helpful tips and information to assist in one’s search. Using unique keyword searches, zeroing in on academic and personal interests, activities, hobbies, and many other criteria, one can locate, review, and apply for scholarships. Nothing is guaranteed, however, time invested is time rewarded!

Using the multi-layered approach, similar to that employed by Get College Going, students and parents can look to local, regional, county, statewide, and national resources in search of a program that matches a student and their family’s profile. Here is a small sampling of some College Scholarships complied after a few hours of research. There is even one, “four-year renewable” within the mix. There the “best of the best”.

Investigating cannot guarantee a bounty of awards and money, but one will not know until one tries. Every dollar investigated and received is one less dollar borrowed.