directional signsThere are many resources available to students and families to assist with preparing for college (readiness), the admissions process and tuition assistance resources.

As a student, your best resource is your parent(s) and extended family. They know you, your personality, aspirations and goals. They know what makes you tick!

You are also blessed to have other individuals in your life who are there to provide a lending hand and guidance. They include your middle & high school guidance counselor, teachers, principal and coaches. Seek out their help. On the college campus your admissions counselor and financial aid administrator are available to help you your school specific questions. Get College Going continues to update and refine our Common FAQ’s gathered from numerous college and resource sites.

Best Resource Is A Plan

No guessing, fully in control and free from stress, a Comprehensive College Guide is the best tool a students and parent can have to navigate the college experience. Beginning as early as middle school, a strong plan can accompany a student and family throughout high school and beyond. It will keep everyone focused, on track and provide a successful outcome!!

Get College Going is committed to creating and using college plans. Each is designed for an individual student/family. It is the basis of all our work. It begins with a conversation, a discussion of needs and turns into a living document to guide a student and family along the journey..

Get College Going is proud to be an affiliated partner of Pivotal College Years, an exciting, and robust online library of information for students, parents and the entire family.  Whether you are looking for information before, during, or after college, Pivotal College Years has it at the click of the mouse!  

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