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Best Resource Is A Plan

Organizing and managing the process of finding, evaluating, selecting and financing the right education path after high requires a plan.

A strong plan needs to meet the goals and expectations of a student and family, and use all the resources at one’s disposal.

Request a free copy of our 360 Degree College Planning Overview.  It outlines the ten areas every plan include. 

We have a two tiered system of providing advisory resources:

Get College Going –  one to one, individualized programs to manage and guide the journey.

Pivotal College Years.   A DIY e-learning college planning portal. A single URL loaded with information on topics before, during, and after college.

Plus our own curated Resource List

Every plan needs individuals, groups, and websites to call on. Trusted and vetted experts, people we work with and know. So, we have a team of experts in other industries who intersect with us to make your lives well. Insurance, financial planning, tax preparation, health and wellness, massage therapy, academic coaches, parenting, banking, and more…. Here are some of our trusted partners

We’re always watching trends, speaking with our colleagues on college campuses, and leaders in secondary and higher education. If we’re not posting here we are being social –  Stay connected with us 

We are always here to take a call, answer questions and share insights. No sales pitch allowed!

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