Pivotal College Years

College Planning Portal for Families

Get started with customizing your college plans today! Enjoy FREE access for Library members. Inside the portal, you will have access to proven admissions strategies, as well as support needed to build a bright future for yourself or college-bound students.

What to Expect: A chronological Step-by-Step program that will walk you through the College Planning timeline with ease. Members have FREE access to insider Admissions tips, Financial Aid, College Funding and College Debt Strategies, Short but Powerful “How To” videos on College Applications, Best College Essays, College Interviews, Scholarships, and much more!


Before College

Career + Major Exploration
Pre-Med/Dental/Vet Concerns
College list Development
Most Giving Colleges
College Application Strategies
College Essays + Best Topics Scholarships 

During College

Financial Aid Regardless of Income
Financial Aid Awards
How to Appeal Financial Aid
College Funding
Transfer Options
Grad School Applications

After College 

College Debt: Loan Forgiveness,
Repayment + Refinance
College Loan Consolidation
Grad School Funding + Admissions
Career Development
Cover letters, Resumes + Interviewing 

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