Congratulations, Class of 2023

WOW – To the students and the parents of the graduating Class 2023 – WOW
Kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, college, and graduate students – Congratulation!

It is time to pause, recharge and refuel. But let’s not hit the pause button for too long.
No summer sliding unless it is down the famous slip-and-slide in the yard.
Whether moving up a grade,  to a new location, taking on an internship or apprenticeship, or joining the workforce, use the summer to champion forward. The Route One family is here to help!!

Exciting News! 

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Summer Checklist

Protecting Your Student and Family

In the eyes of the legal and medical world, when a student turns eighteen years of age, they’re an adult. Yes, we will always consider them our little kids, but it is important to put the correct documents in place to continue advocating and supporting them. Review and put in place safeguards before they leave home-

  • HIPPA Agreement (medical)
  • Durable Power of Attorney (legal)
  • Liability Insurance (financial), and
  • FERPA Waiver (college).

Speak with a professional to protect your student and family.

Summer Assignment – Read and Explore

Reading is fundamental. It improves English, writing skills, and vocab.  In my private counseling practice, I ask all students to spend time reading during the summer. One novel a month. If sharpening academic skills, study habits, and testing prep is needed, consider introducing a tutor to the summer schedule.

For families of 10th and 11th grade students use the summer to pop on to a college campus. Check out a large, small, city or one located in a town. Students who have never seen or been on a campus will benefit from a brief (not a tour) look at what might be in their future.

Scholarship Employment

Working during the summer is important for high school or college-age students. It provides valuable spending money when returning to school. But there is an equally important summer job, a Scholarship Searcher. Committing time during the summer to research, identify, and create a database of eligible scholarships is an important job for rising seniors, 11th and 10th grade families. Its reported that hundreds of scholarship with Fall application deadlines are left in the money room. Obtain a copy of your Scholarship Workbook, how to be a scholarship searcher by subscribing to Pivotal College Don’t wait till the Fall to learn you missed a valuable financial resource.

Rising Seniors

Get ahead of the Fall. Spend time on critical assignments to make the senior year enjoyable. If you’re college-bound, focus on four critical tasks:
Drafting your Essay
Completing the Profile Section of the Common Application
Narrowing your college options
Engaging your College Representatives

If your path after high school will lead in a different direction, don’t delay. Your planning process needs attention too. Whether it will be a skilled apprenticeships, work, or services, use the summer to map out your post high school pathway.

.Parents – your task is to determine your college financing strategy, and it is not just about your family resources. Where you apply is equally, if not more, important!

Right Around the Corner -Repaying Federal Education Loan

The end is nearing pandemic freeze on the repayment of Federal Student Loans is over. Repayment is set to restart in September, with the first payment due in October. It is time to dust off your Student Aid ID and PW to check your loan details and determine the next steps. Regular monthly payments, applying for an Income-driven repayment program (IDR), or Public Service Forgiveness Program (PSLF), and refamiliarizing yourself with your loan servicer. Consult the Federal Student Aid website to learn more

Education loan refinancing and modified repayment may be an option for a family whose budget has continued to experience financial strain.

Employer-sponsored education programs is no longer just tutition reimbursement. Today companies are offering employees services to help with student loan repayment, managing education debt, financial literacy and even colege planning advising. Consult with your companies HR department or associations employee benefits provider.

Consult an Independent Education Advisor

Need help with your checklist, calming the waters, managing education loan repayment, or hosting an onsite employee education and enrichment session? Consider speaking with an experienced Independent Education Advisor. Get College Going, a North Shore-based full-service education advising practice, has been helping families for four decadents through its extensive resources and expertise before, during, and after college. Visit to schedule a conversation.