Dear Santa – 2020

I hope that you, Mrs. Claus, the Elves, and everyone at the North Pole are good. Is Rudolph healthy? I hope the reindeer are going to be able to fly. You know, Santa, I am worried. Do you think you will bring gifts to all the children? Can you leave the North Pole? What about needing to be tested as you travel on X-Mas eve? I’m worried my grandmother says we are in a hot state, and I don’t think she refers to the weather.

It’s been a rough year Santa. They won’t let me go to school. My mom and dad call it being remote. My sister and brother are in high school, and they are hybrid. It’s fun; we all do our homework together. My mother helps me with my English class; she says dad can’t spell. Next week I think my sister and brother are going with my grandfather to check out colleges. They said there is not a campus tour, but he will drive them around the school.

Santa, I have tried to be good this year. It hasn’t been easy. If I’m on the naughty list, it’s because my brother teases me. Need to get him back. I know many people are suffering, worse than me. I only need a few things. Maybe you can get some gifts for others:

Here are a few ideas.

  1. My brother needs a new weight set. He wants to lift at home for football.
  2. My dad says my new cousin needs a 529 plan to save for college.
  3. My sister likes architecture; maybe you can bring her a 3D printer
  4. A Dunks gift card for my cousin Pete; there are a couple on his campus.
  5. Microphone for my dad, says he is going to be a podcaster soon
  6. Membership to Pivotal College Years – it’s free to all subscribers
  7. New tires for our car, my brother is going to commute to college next year.
  8. For me, a tool belt, I want to go to vocational school and become a carpenter.
  9. A vacation for my mother; my dad says the CEO needs some TLC.
  10. Peace and goodwill!!

Thank you, Santa. Please do your best to help all the boys and girls…even my nasty cousin.  Everyone is trying their best. My grandmother says 2021 will be better.

Please let Mrs. Claus know we are thinking of her. I know she must miss you on Christmas Eve. Maybe you can make it up to her in New Year!

Wishing All a Joyous and Safe Holiday Season…

Ps….Santa, If you hear of any little boys and girls struggling to get their college planning started, worried about finding their best college match, or their parents are stressed about paying for college, please tell them Get College Going can help. Counseling, coaching, and peace of mind for students and parents; before, during, and after college.