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Planning for what’s next after high school should be exciting for students and parents.

As a parent of four who has worked in higher education admission and financial aid for over thirty years, I understand firsthand how emotional, stressful, and overwhelming the process can be.

Working together, we’ll enhance your family’s college planning experience with clarity, insights, guidance, and peace of mind. 

Our goal is to help families find their right education pathway for the right reason, at the right school, and at a cost they can afford!  

Planning is Essential

Planning starts with creating a savings plan and watching and guiding our children into who they can be.  As students reach middle school, the focus shifts to thoughts of high school and beyond. Students begin to explore academic and personal interests, and parents continue to work and save. When a student enters high school, all eyes are on finding the post-high school education – career pathway to follow.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or have been down the road before, we’ll help you understand and manage tasks, responsibilities, and timelines while maintaining harmony in the house.

That’s where we can help. Our comprehensive 360-degree approach and expertise will connect the dots to ensure that a student’s (family) education to career path will lead to success.

Working Together, We’ll 

  • Assess Academic and Financing Capabilities 
  • Uncovering Realistic Expectations & Goals
  • Creating Strategies to Meet College Costs
  • Building the Right List of College Options
  • Investigating and Evaluating Possibilities
  • Managing Requirements for Athletics and Performing Arts
  • Communicating Student Interest
  • Determining an Admission Strategy: How and When to Apply
  • Meeting Deadlines Admission & Financial Aid App Completion
  • Hunting for Scholarships
  • Comparing Offers – Saying Yes to the Fit
  • Transition to the 13th Year and Beyond

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