Choosing an education pathway can be a maze of twists and turns that can baffle even the best of individuals. With the recent announcement of the Mass Reconnect Program a new way to make education affordable, lets look at the many ways to find an affordable education pathway after high school here in the Commonwealth..

Attend a four-year in-state public university – choose from one of thirteen state universities or the four University of Massachusetts campuses. Enroll and pay the in-state costs, including tuition and fees, housing, meals, and individual campus fees.

Attending a private college can be an affordable pathway based on a student’s (family’s) overall tuition assistance package, including scholarships, need-based financial aid, and other resources.

Enroll at one of fifteen Community College locations part-time or in pursuit of a degree. Attending community college post-high school is a great option to strengthen readiness, pursue an Associate Degree, or be a Mass Transfer designate. The program empowers students with the ability to transfer and complete their 4-year degree at a public or private college or university.

The recently approved Healey-Driscoll 2024 budget, administration announced the new Mass Reconnect Program. Now residents 25 years and older will have the ability to complete an associate degree or an gain an upskill certification. The Mass Reconnect Program will support students by covering the traditional student (family) contribution determined through the FAFSA application process. Contact your regional Community College’s Enrollment Office  to learn specific eligibility and financial obligation.*

Not to be left to the young, an MA resident 60 years or older, a veteran, and those with other designations may be eligible to attend an MA public college or university free with a Categorical Tuition Waiver.

For individuals looking for information on other career, technical, and workforce development programs, visit the MA Board of Higher Education Continuing Education webpage.

  • Free enrollment is based on completing the FAFSA application and meeting eligibility requirements.