December Partners Corner – Dr Joanne Light

Dr. Joanne H Light, is a Parent Empowerment Coach working with parents of tweens and teens as they navigate the daily challenges, they face so they can become more confident in their parenting journey and have more harmony at home.

Parents? Are you asking, hinting, nagging, and obsessing to get your teen to fill out their college applications, and none of it is working?

You have offered to help and emphasized that these deadlines are critical. You are trying to communicate that unlike some other deadlines in their world, these are not in your control…

But are your expectations about college interfering with your approach to the topic? Is your past story and experience of post-H.S. informing your communication with your teen?

Our kids right now are already stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.  They are struggling with performance-based goals and are drained from the pandemic. Maybe a discussion is due about why college, what sort of college, what technical training, why not time off, or what about working to further explore real goals or passions?

Your teens don’t want to disappoint you, so tell them you will listen. Be a courageous parent and empower your teens to be true to themselves.  This is hard for you and anxiety-producing.  If you are anxious it will provoke their anxiety and soon you may be catastrophizing – What if they don’t get accepted?  What if we really can’t afford college? What if they go and then fail out?

Consider making more time to treat yourself with compassion. Consider getting more sleep. Consider trusting the process instead of fearing it.

Leave those applications in sight – Ask open-ended questions and be curious about how they feel. Our teens always show up for them so they feel seen and safe.

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