Planning and awareness are essential to staying focused when navigating the admissions, financial aid, and scholarship maze. Knowing what to do and when is key to minimizing stress and anxiety.

Deadlines are tied to important dates, events, and tasks that are part of the admissions, financial aid, and scholarship processes. application filing dates, Open House events, athletic and performing arts requirements, and scheduling testing are just a few. Here are some other common items:

  • Registering for College SAT and ACT Testing (including SAT Subject Tests)
  • Attending a National Portfolio Day for students interested in Visual and Performing Arts –
  • Admissions and Financial Aid Applications
  • Scholarships – local, state, institutional, and private
  • Transfer Dates and Requirements
  • Student loan repayment due dates
  • First Day on the job!!

Consult with Get College Going if you have questions on a specific deadline or need help with staying on track. We have been down this road before and know the importance of monitoring and meeting deadlines!