College Funding Estimator

College is one of the most significant single investments a family will make after purchasing a home. For decades conventional wisdom has guided families to think that college planning is searching first and paying second. Would you buy a $300K home with that wisdom-No!

college funding estimator is an exercise to help a family or student determine what it will cost to attend school. To learn as early as possible if there is enough in savings, and what, if any, can I expect from need-based financial aid, college, and scholarships?
A free exercise for middle school, early high school, or 11th-grade families? Plus, is anyone jumping back in?
The exercise can undercover the unknown, provide time to make changes, and learn the rules of the game before the crunch time of the 12th grade.
In our practice, two key questions work in harmony, are you ready for college, and how will you finance this life-changing event?
The answers are fundamental for how we help a family find the right education path, at the right school, for the right reason, and of course, the right investment.