College Counseling Services & Programs

Get College Going offers a broad range of personalized services for families of high school and college-age students to assist with pathways to education after high school. Our holistic 360-degree approach to the college planning experience focuses on the needs and interests of the student, their parent(s), and the entire family. Our goal is to help find the Right Education, for the Right Reason, at the Right School, for Right Investment.

“Retain an Adviser”

Everyone would like to have an adviser but sometimes you only need them when you need them. Through our “Retain an Adviser” services, you retain your own personalized 1-1 expert to assist with questions, guidance, and insights. Available before, during, and after college. Accessible via text, email, virtual, and phone. “Retain an Adviser” services are available for a specific time period, need, or as a “lifeline” to support the DIY process.

Maybe it’s helping with:

  • Reviewing specific high school grade level needs; academic and/or personal development
  • Expanding or refining college options/search list?
  • Calculating “estimated costs,” “contributions” and capability to meet college costs.
  • Coaching to increase/express a student’s interest with one or more colleges.
  • Guidance through an application process; admissions, financial aid.
  • Development of a tuition payment strategy to maximize personal resources and financial aid.
  • Identify “pathways” to education and work after high school
  • Supporting the DIY process with expert assistance when needed.


  • Support & understanding of student and family needs and objectives.
  • Continuity through In-person or virtual one-to-one meetings during the engagement period.
  • Unlimited access via text, email, and phone for questions and counseling.
  • Meeting and communication notes per engagement
  • Availability when needed; daytime, evenings, and weekends.

 Comprehensive Junior through Senior Year Planning

Ideal for family’s seeking personalized attention during the college planning experience. Through our holistic, 360-Degree program we’ll provide 100% support and oversight throughout a student-college planning experience. We’ll oversee the completion of all tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines to ensure a student (and family) find their “best” pathway to college after high school.

Benefits of a Junior through Senior Year Program

  • In-person or virtual meetings during the twenty-month (20) advising relationship.
  • Assessment of a student’s high school resume (profile), academic and personal development.
  • Development of a family-specific tuition payment strategy maximizing personal resources, financial aid eligibility, and ability to meet college costs.
  • Development of college options; provide coaching to evaluate, and narrow choices.
  • Organize the completion of Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarship Applications
  • Identify specific “talent” requirements tied to athletics, visual, and performing arts.
  • Guidance on college visits, essay development, interviewing, and expressing a student’s interest with one or more colleges.
  • Analysis of financial aid award to determine final choices; academic, personal, and financial.
  • Unlimited access via text, email, and phone for questions and counseling.
  • Action Plan Communication per engagement.
  • Availability when needed; daytime, evenings, and weekends.

Time-Sensitive Senior Scramble Program

There are times when the thought of going to college doesn’t settle in until a student’s senior year, maybe right after high school graduation or transferring.  Our holistic 360-Degree approach doesn’t change, just the timetable. We’ll assist in picking up where one might be and get everyone on the Fast Track. We’ll meet, plan, evaluate, visit, evaluate and manage all applications to meet deadlines – on the Fast Track. Beginning a little late won’t hamper a student who is ready to ready to rock and roll!

Early Awareness 9th and 10th Grade Planning

  • A meeting each semester to assess the selection of high school courses [college prep and/or vocational technical], explore academic interests and personal talents, and thoughts on pathways to education after high school.
  • Review of college savings programs, college costs, and how family resources and tuition assistance will aid in meeting college costs.
  • Unlimited access via text, email, and phone for questions and counseling.
  • Action Plan Communication per engagement.

Ask about our other program:

  • Young Emerging Adults
  • 13th Year Success
  • Managing Education Debt

As a parent of four, and having spent 30 years in management and consulting roles working in higher education management (admissions, financial aid, and recruitment), I understand the household stress and individual anxiety that comes from the college planning experience. Consider an Independent Education Consultant to help solve the college planning puzzle.

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