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College planning assistanceThe concept is simple. Find the best match for a student after high school.

A match that meets a students personal and career goals, and is affordable!

Easy, right?

We work to do just that!

We listen, offer guidance and insights, and using a holistic 360 degree create a plan to assist a student and their family find their college to career match. Yes, we might need to provide the occasional nudge.

As parents ourselves, we know students and parents are stretched thin, especially during the junior and senior years of high school. Sports, social activities, dance, academics, theater, and work among other things, place huge demands on time and the household. Far too often college planning gets pushed to the back burner.

Working together we’ll develop, refine, and implement a comprehensive college plan. A plan that focuses on:

  • Student’s goals and expectations 
  • The family’s ability to pay for college
  • Creating a broad search, testing the waters and investigating behind the walls
  • Ensuring that college hear a student when they say, I’m interested in your school
  • How families pay the bill, and how the system works to receive tuition assistance
  • Strategies to complete and submit applications, admissions and financial aid
  • Deadlines, tasks, and responsibilities
  • How to find the right match, academically, emotionally, personally, and financially
  • All with calm and peace of mind!

Get College Going connects admissions, financial aid and financing together to find the right match.

We’re proud to be the choice of students and parents close to home, work,  and virtually throughout the US.

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Who We Are

Thomas O’Hare

Independent College Consultant

Helping parents to find their students college to career match!

Areas of Expertise
College-Career Planning after High School | Admissions, Financial Aid and Financing Strategies | Managing Education Debt 

Professional Career

Tom has expertise in secondary and higher education, financial services, and sales. He is the Founder of Get College Going, providing educational counseling, guidance, and insights to parents, students, and employers. He developed Get College Going to help students and families achieve their education goals through wise choices, academically, emotionally, and financially. Tom’s background includes working with colleges and universities throughout the Northeast and U.S. as a senior consultant for leading enrollment, education, and financial services organizations. He also served as the Director of Enrollment at a private Massachusetts high school. Tom a parent of four college graduates and understands first-hand the personal, emotional and financial investment a family make to achieve a successful college outcome. 

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