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The concept is simple: Find the right education pathway to match a student’s and family’s post-high school goals.

A match that connects academic, personal, and career goals and is affordable!

Easy  – Right?

At Get College Going, we work to advise parents while coaching and counseling students. We’re here to clear the fog while calming the waters during this exciting and emotional time in a student and family’s life.

Using a 360-degree view of the process, we help manage deadlines, review strategies, and answer questions before they become stressors.

Our focus is to find the right education pathway at the right school for the right reason at a cost the family can afford!

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Tom O’Hare

Areas of Expertise
Admissions, financial aid, student recruitment, scholarships, and funding strategies
Before, During, and After College
Education Loan Debt and Workplace Education Benefits

Tom has worked with students, families, colleges, and universities over his 35+ year career. During this time, he’s worked in enrollment, recruitment, and financial aid management and consulting as a member of the higher education and private secondary community. In 2012, he founded Get College Going to share his knowledge, guidance, and insights with parents, students, and those supporting the education-seeking student. 2018, he joined Pivotal College Years, a digital college planning education portal. He has co-authored many reference guides, including the Pivotal College Planning Workbook, and speaks and writes about higher education.

PLUS—he is the parent of four college graduates (daughters in 06 and 10 and sons in 11 and 13) and Grampy to three beautiful granddaughters.

Tom, as a parent of four college graduates and a grandparent to three beautiful granddaughters, understands intimately the personal, emotional, and financial investment families make to find the right education (career) path after high school. His personal experiences add a unique depth to his professional expertise, making him a relatable and empathetic guide in this journey.

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