13th Year


  • I will not be able to manage my time
  • I will get lost on campus
  • I will have to speak in front of class
  • I will be homesick
  • I will have trouble making friends
  • I will feel like I do not belong
  • I will no longer be as popular as everyone else
  • I will make a fool of myself the first day
  • I will gain weight
  • I will miss my girlfriend/boyfriend
  • I won’t be able to compete with everyone else
  • I will have trouble getting along with my roommate
  • I won’t have enough time to plat sports
  • I won’t be able to live up to my parent’s expectations
  • I won’t have the right clothes
  • I will not find anyone to eat with
  • I have to share a bathroom with 4, 6 10 other people
  • I will go to the wrong class
  • I will not be able to get along with my professors
  • I will not be able to figure out what I want to do after college
  • I will find out I do not like the major I picked
  • I won’t know who to ask for help
  • I will feel pressured to do something I do not want to do
  • I will not have enough money to stay in college

A feature offered through Get College Going is our 13th Year Campus Check-In Program. Designed to assist students as they weather their first year of college.  As parents of our own college students (now graduates), we know that new college students sometimes have bumps in the road.

Through our 13th Year Program, we provided an independent third-party check in program keeping in touch with new first year students. We listen for clues and signals through a two-way communication process (including parents) and when needed, we encourage the use of campus resources. The program is an opt-in, supportive program to ensure successful college outcomes.