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The thought of what’s next after high school should not be daunting, or stressful for students and their parents. It is an exciting time of change and transition. As parents, like many of you, and experts in the field, we understand first-hand how emotional the process can be for a student, parents, and the entire family.

Working together we’ll bring clarity, insights, guidance, and peace of mind to your college planning experience. 

Our goal is to help family’s find the right education, for the right reason, at the right school, for the right investment.  

Planning is Essential

The thought of going to college can start as early as a middle school focusing on a student’s academic and personal development, talents, and interests as parents work on saving for college, and retirement. When a student enters high school, the actual planning begins with eyes on finding one’s education and career pathway after high school.

College planning does not have to be overwhelming or stressful whether it is a first-time experience or with multiple ages. Understanding tasks, responsibilities, and activities, and mapping them out in a comprehensive plan is key.  A plan that typically begins in the junior year but can work for a scrambling senior, a transfer, or individuals re-entering. Managing a plan to address the needs before, during, and post-high school will make every college experience a success.

Here’s Where We Come In

 Our 360 Degree View Covers

  • Academic and Financing Assessments 
  • Education to Career Pathways
  • Managing the Search and Evaluation
  • Recruitment and Student Interest
  • Meeting College Costs
  • Admission Strategy
  • Application Completion – Admission & Financial Aid
  • Hunting for Scholarships
  • Comparing Offers – Selection and Decision Making
  • Transition to 13th Year
  • 13th Year Check-In Program
  • Managing Education Debt

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